Invasive Ventilator
Tidal Volume: Adult - 100-4000 ml, Infant - 2-350 ml
Inspiratory Flow: < 200l/min
PEEP: 0-32 cm H2O
Pressure above PEEP: 0-62 cm H2O

The Maquet Servo-i ventilation platform can satisfy the ventilatory needs of every patient, from neonatal to adult. It can handle the most acute phases of respiratory distress through recovery to the weaning phase. It continuously delivers outstanding ventilator treatment as gently as possible, thanks to its ventilator performance, monitoring capabilities, treatment options and tools.

Servo-i is easy to learn and use. The system provides the information you need when you need it, allowing a fast and appropriate response from the user. An intuitive interface and simple, logical menus give easy access to all settings. You can reach the most important parameters through direct access knobs. You are always informed, in control and able to react.